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Migratory Bird Sanctuaries

Migratory Bird Sanctuaries (MBS) are also under the jurisdiction of the Canadian Wildlife Service. They support at least 1% of a population of a migratory bird species or subspecies, and they may consist of federal, provincial, and/or private lands.

istock_000007810155xsmall.jpg The Migratory Birds Convention Act and Migratory Bird Sanctuary Regulations prohibit disturbance of migratory birds, their eggs, and their nests within a MBS. The regulations also prohibit disturbance of migratory bird habitat when a Migratory Bird Sanctuary is established on federal Crown land.  Migratory Bird Sanctuaries do not protect habitat or species of wildlife other than migratory birds.

There are currently 92 Migratory Bird Sanctuaries in Canada. Several Migratory Bird Sanctuaries in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut are very large, but the sizes of others are variable.

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