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Significance of protected areas

Protected areas are landscapes and seascapes given a certain level of legal protection because of their inherent environmental or cultural importance.  



Protected areas play a critial role in the protection and conservation of the world's natural and cultural resources.  Their inherent values range from the protection of biodiversity to supporting ecosystem functions and resilience in surrounding areas. World wide, protected areas have become a standard and indispensible tool for the protection, conservation and restoration of biological diversity; establishment and management of protected areas is central to the Convention on Biological Diversity.


jkershaw blomidon 2Protected areas are also invaluable for cultural, educational and spiritual reasons.  Large and small, they are places where people can relax, experience well-being, and explore the natural world.  By allowing people to directly experience natural beauty, protected areas ultimately nurture health and conservation ethics within society.  Protected areas also benefit nearby human populations by supporting local sustainable development, tourism, and scientific research.




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